Three Ways Not be a Jerk While Pregnant

Pregnancy isn’t an excuse to be a jerk

How to be a classy pregnant lady,

Even when your hormones are raging

I totally understand the giant mood swings pregnancy dumps on us, and usually at the worst times. I go from crabby, to exuberantly joyful like a sports car goes zero to 60. And then back again. My hormones, especially with this pregnancy, have been playing havoc with my emotions. The other day I was just watching funny videos on YouTube with my husband and the next minute I was crying for no reason at all. It was so weird and embarrassing.

When I’m pregnant I also lose a sense of inhibition that usually keeps my mouth closed, but while pregnant I have a hard time keeping a lid on my mouth. But even if my emotions are raging and I feel justified to be a jerk, I have made a decision to not be.

1. I calm down before I speak

Sometimes that means holding some feelings in. Many people would say that you shouldn’t do that and it’s unhealthy, but I counter that it is more unhealthy to start a fight over who left the milk on the counter, when oh yeah, that was me like ten minutes ago and I totally forgot (pregnancy brain).

2. Purpose it in your heart

This is especially true for women in labor. You hear it all the time, the woman giving birth being a total jerk to the nurses or doctors. Then they quickly apologize with the justification that they were in labor.

No, I think we can still expect ourselves to be kind and courteous to people even when we are in pain. Being in pain or a crazy situation does not justify rudeness, especially to the people that are taking care of us. If some procedure hurts, or a nurse is pushing the heart monitor on your belly too hard, let them know, but be nice about it. That can go a long way in making your hospital stay a blessing instead of a bad experience.

So purpose in your heart to be kind and you probably will be, even if it’s hard to do. You got the will power and courage to be kind.

3. Try not to let pregnancy become an excuse for laziness.

While pregnant it is really easy, and almost forced upon us to be selfish. We are carrying an extra person and it’s hard. I get it. It’s happened to me a lot. Anyway, sometimes we underestimate how much we can handle.
During pregnancy most women are quite capable of doing most of what we did before. We might need to take it a little slower and maybe try and squeeze in a nap in the middle of the day, but we are still capable of taking care of things.

Try to not be selfish, at least too selfish, especially if you really don’t need to be. Believe me I would much rather sit on the couch all day then keep the house up, but if I do I usually feel worse than I did before because my day was just wasted. So get up and make it happen. You can do it.


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