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5 Ways to Cultivate Your Passions as Stay-At-Home Mom

5 Ways to Cultivate Your Passion as a SAHM


I know, when you ask, where can I find the time with a screaming baby and clingy toddler to do what I want to do? I get it, believe me, so much. I find it hard to make any time to really do anything I want to do during the day of cleaning up after toddlers and breastfeeding an infant, but there are things we can do to give us a few extra minutes to peruse more than just Facebook.

1. I didn’t say this was going to be easy.

Sometimes we need to get rid of the mindset that everything we do should come easy or natural. Most things worth doing aren’t easy and we have to work at it. One of those things is cultivating a hobby or talent. Even without kids this is difficult and takes us getting up off the couch and working hard to make it happen.

2. Making time if it’s worth it

If you have a passion for something you will find the time to make it happen. I have a passion for writing and sometimes, like right now, I’m typing on the small coffee table while my one year old is hanging out on my lap and my four year old is running around singing at the top of her lungs. Yes it’s tough, but not impossible.

Another talent I am currently cultivating is learning how to sew. I can’t do this with a toddler on my lap so I have to do it when she’s sleeping or my husband’s home and gives me an extra half hour or so to finish a project.

3. Sometimes you have to work on what you love when you’re tired

Gosh, I can’t believe you’re still reading. If you are then you’re ready to make a change, even if you are tired all the time.

A great way to get more energy to do what you love is to change your diet. Try to eat more dark berries and leafy greens. I know this may seem counterproductive but please try to keep the caffeine and sugar consumption to a minimum. Caffeine and sugar only will boost your energy for a small amount of time then leave you reaching for the bed or couch in an hours’ time. Even if you aren’t having a huge energy boost eating healthy, you won’t have the crash you get with sugar and caffeine.

4. Don’t be a critic

Your first efforts aren’t likely to turn out amazing and it may be hard to keep going. You start getting doubts in your brain, but seriously, you can’t expect magical results your first week. Keep at it and maybe in a few months you have a crazy awesome Etzy business selling your art or something. Dream big and don’t let self-doubt in your mind.

5. Get your hubby on board

Being successful is largely affected by whether or not your hubby is supporting you. If he comes home and the house is a mess and there’s no dinner plans, and the kids are a mess, he might not think you have the time or ability to do what you love. But if you keep your priorities straight, keep the children and house in order, then do your passion, your hubby is likely to jump on the cultivating your passion train easily.

Remember you are a team with your husband. And he works hard all week to put food on the table, but don’t let him get away with doing nothing to help our on his off days. You never get a day off unless it’s your anniversary weekend away from the kids. He can help you out for an hour or two on the weekends to free up some time for you to work on your stuff.

If your guy is having a hard time understanding why you suddenly feel the need to water paint, talk to him about how having a hobby or passion helps you not go crazy being at home all day talking to toddlers. He will likely understand and be supportive. This is a critical step; your husband’s opinion can mean your success or failure. I know we live in the world of feminism and women rule, but in reality, my husband’s opinion and support mean too much for me to make him obsolete. If my hubby isn’t on my side then my confidence in myself and abilities is cut in half. But if he is my cheerleader, I can’t fail because he’s interested and wants me to succeed.

I hope these little suggestions help you cultivate your talent, because even though you are a great mom, you have more to offer the world. Pretty soon your kids will be grown and it’s better to find yourself now then wait ten years asking yourself, who am I?


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