Gift Ideas for Extended Family

Christmas gifts your extended family will actually cherish forever for under $30

Did you ever wonder why Christmas shopping for relatives is so hard? For one thing, most people seem to already have everything they need, so what do you get for people that don’t really want anything? For the most part my husband and I have given up on the gift exchange thing.

But there are things you can give your loved ones that they will actually love and want.

1. Memories

Most family love getting something that reminds them of a great time you had together. This year I’m making a photo book on Shutter Fly for my in-laws of our vacation that we all took to Mexico. They also got married on this trip and I happened to take a ton of photos for them.

Even doing and 8X10 picture and framing it really nice would be something that any in-law, mom or grandparent would love.

2. Handmade gifts

Yes some handmade gifts can be really cheesy. But if you have a talent like sewing or knitting and take the time to actually make your sister or brother a nice, and fashionable scarf, they’ll love it forever.
Also kids can make some adorable things for their grandparents that can actually look really nice.

3. Bake a gift

Not all gifts must be bought from the store and kept forever in a closet collecting cobwebs. I think people appreciate gifts they can eat and not have to re-gift it next year. I personally would love a sweet treat over a trinket any day. Especially if you aren’t sure what to get for a hard person to shop for, a simple solution is to make their favorite treat, or put some hot chocolate in a cute package.

4. Give them an experience

I love receiving anything that allows me and my family to have an experience together. Movie tickets are great, or tickets to a kid’s fun place, roller rink or bowling are great ideas. If your sister has a mess of kids, offer to take them all off their hands for a weekend in the spring. Not every gift has to break the bank or be material.

5. Help them out

If you have an elderly grandma or relative, something they would love is an extra hand on a project. They may not even really care about the help but mostly want the company. This gift of companionship and help is much nicer than a canteen of popcorn or a DVD for Christmas.

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