Grocery Shopping Hacks that will Save You Hundreds

Grocery shopping is a huge part of any family’s budget. Most people think that they have more than they really do because they don’t take into account how much it really costs to eat. Not only that but there’s everything else we need from toilet paper to dish soap. Making good decisions at the grocery store is paramount in making sure that you stay on budget and even save money every month.

There are many things that you are probably already doing. I’ll go through a few now.

1. You’re using your stores loyalty card
2. You’re using Wal-Mart’s savings catcher
3. You’re shopping store brands
4. You’re utilizing store coupons and downloading them to your loyalty card

So you’re pretty savvy and have started saving thirty or so dollars each shopping trip, but what more can you do?

1. You can sign up for programs like Ibotta, that act like a reverse coupons giving you money for select items that you buy. They also give you money for inviting friends, which is pretty easy.

2. Many stores have surveys they want you to complete on the receipt. They have special offers or you can add fuel points. Kroger enters you into a sweepstakes every month and you get 50 points added to your fuel points. Its definitely worth the five or ten minutes each week.

3. Shop manager specials and foods that are reaching their expiration date. Many of these foods are just as good as everything else and they are a great price. There are sections in each store with produce, bread, and meat that will help make your dollar go further

4. Shop discount eggs. This trick I picked up from a sweet lady at the store who was willing to share her knowledge. Every day or so the store clerk goes through the egg cartons and repackage the eggs from egg cartons with broken eggs and sell it at a discount. Many times these eggs are dirt cheap and good eggs. Ask your local market worker about it.

5. Check packaging. Sometimes packages of baggies will have more in some packages than others and have a small sign on the front to let you know. This isn’t always obvious so you have to look close.
You can share your favorite grocery shopping hack in the comments. I would love to hear what you do to keep that grocery shopping budget small but powerful. Happy shopping!

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