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Stop Throwing Birthday Parties

Alternative Birthday Traditions

When you have lots of kids like my husband and I, birthday parties can be a bit overwhelming and taxing. Especially when we have tons of family and lots of friends, and kids with birthdays that are close to each other (great family planning on our part). Who made the rule that you have to have an elaborate birthday party for each kid every year anyway?

Since we have almost five kids now, we make a budget and ask them, what do you want to do? This year our oldest wanted to go to a movie and have Taco Bell. This is what we call birthday experiences. No more over elaborate, kill myself, birthday parties.

Giving them the choice of having an experience they want is an amazing way to have a special time with just them.

Yes, some of our family might be a little upset, or confused at my utter lack of interest in birthday parties. My kids seem to get it and I like being counter-culture sometimes. Birthday parties aren’t only a bad idea for the most part, they stress people out. If my little one is invited to a party, now we have to figure out a birthday present and hope that we can drop off and pick up, and sometimes it’s just hard. And that’s the truth. I commend parents who are able to do it all.

Usually my kids have fun at these cultural necessities, but I’m sure their friend’s mom was stressed to the max at taking care of 15 kids she might not know that well, plus all the additions, like an expensive cake, and planning original and fun things to do.

Sorry, being a mom of lots of kids, I just don’t have the mental fortitude and I would rather spend that special day doing special things with that special person. Not losing my mind making sure everything is perfect and no one gets injured. If that makes me a little selfish, then that’s fine.

I’m not saying I’ll never do a birthday party again, because who knows one of my kids might really want one, but for right now my kids are enjoying their birthday experiences. For instance my younger boy really wants to go to Red Lobster and eat crab for his birthday, little foodie. For now this is the ticket to a fun, stress-free birthday that makes memories and give my kids one-on-one attention.

If you have alternative birthday activities or traditions I would love to hear about them in the comment section.

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