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The $100 Grocery Budget


Yes for a family of 7!

As a mom of five I have to get creative when I have a limited amount of money for groceries. I’m writing to tell you the many tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Here’s how I do a $100 grocery budget every week.

Step one: Every week I spend about an hour making a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I try my best to stick to my menu, even when life gets hectic. The more I stick to it, the less I spend every week. I usually do normal things that I know my kids eat like, spaghetti, tacos, chicken thighs and legs, I also sometimes put something I know my husband and I will love, but my kids don’t necessarily go for. This is an opportunity for them to try something new.

I also plan all breakfasts and lunches. These usually consist of cereal, oatmeal, eggs and pancakes. For lunch I stay away from lunch meat because it’s not very nutritious and it’s expensive. Lunch is sometimes leftovers, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches. Things like this my kids go for and are fairly easy and don’t break my budget.

I also plan snacks. This is tricky because snacks can really make me go over my budget. So I like to find easy things that I can either bake or that aren’t super expensive like gram crackers, bananas, and a few snack packs and things like that. (Tip: Hide half of the snacks for the week and don’t bring them out until the week is halfway over. This will prevent your kids from eating all the snacks in the first two days.)

Step two: I usually go through what I have and see what I need for my menu.

I surprise myself sometimes and have a lot of the things I need already. Other times I may need a lot, but don’t let that bother you. After you make your detailed list go to your stores webpage and see if any of the things you need have coupons. Some stores like Kroger have apps with coupons that you can attach to your rewards card.

Make sure you include toiletries, and cleaning supplies that you will need. I usually buy the cleaning things that are concentrated so I can put in my own spray bottles. This saves me money. I also always get the off brand laundry detergent and buy a good fabric softener to make up the difference.

Step three: Go shopping and stick to your list.

This is the key to success. Stay away from the “buy 6 save 10” sales. Unless all six are already on your shopping list, you will end up sabotaging your list and buying more that you bargained for.

Step four: Make sure you use your coupons and only use coupons for things that are actually on your list.

I have fallen for the coupon trap and it sure hurts when at the cash register spending more than you bargained to with a handful full of coupons.

Step five: During the week stick to your menu.

If you do you will be saving at the store and making better financial decisions for your family. Good luck and tell me how it goes.

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