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Cleaning Strategies that Work

Cleaning strategies that work

Keep a clean house with less effort.

You’re a pro at cleaning right? You do it every day. What if I told you there are simple ways to keep your house cleaner and have more you time during the day? With a few simple strategies you can simplify your life and have a cleaner house than you have ever had before.

Strategy 1: Keep a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

This has helped me so much for the past few months. I am a browser cleaner by nature.  I start cleaning the kitchen then get distracted by the laundry and then get distracted by the bathrooms. I’ll clean for an hour and have hardly anything to show for it. Ever since I’ve started a cleaning schedule, I’ve curtailed my browsing habit and concentrate on one big project a day and my house is cleaner.

Every day I keep the main parts of the house clean. This is an ongoing process of tidying as my family and I make messes in the living area and kitchen. So I don’t count that as my big project a day because those areas are constantly getting messy and then needing attention.

Pick an area of the house to deep clean every day, and then only spend an hour cleaning it. For instance, Monday I get the regular cleaning done like the dishes and tidying the living room. Then I spend a good hour deep cleaning the kitchen. I organize counters, clean the microwave and fridge. Once I’m done, I’m done and can devote the rest of the day to whatever I want.

If you do a deep clean project everyday and stick to your schedule, your cleaning projects become small over time, and the next time you clean out the fridge it doesn’t seem as bad and its more upkeep than anything.

Strategy 2: Have family help with dinner dishes and mess.

This seems like more work in the beginning, but once you get your family trained to help, it’s easy breezy. And what’s better than waking up to a clean kitchen?

Strategy 3: This is like number 2. Enlist your family to help, even your toddlers.

You might be able to get things done faster without their help at first, but once you have your kids trained, your regular housecleaning is on auto pilot.

Strategy 4: Listen to upbeat music while you clean.

This will liven your mood and make cleaning seam more fun than it actually is. Also if you’re into Audible, listening to a book while cleaning, might be the only time in the day that a busy mom, like yourself, has to catch up on a good plotline. Cleaning may become your favorite time of day.

Remember, this strategy is harder on the front end of it, but over time your cleaning will be simplistic. Good luck and drop any cleaning strategy you use in the comment section. I’d love to hear them.

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