Mistakes to Avoid when Launching a Blog

Mistakes to Avoid when Launching a Blog

When I launched my blog I made a few key mistakes that I want to help you avoid. I did all the right things. I had about 18 blogs, and their pin graphics to boot. Eagerly I tried out my pinning strategies. But I did these 5 things and almost the last one, and I want you to avoid my mistakes.

1. Getting in a Hurry

Excited and ready to put all the advice I got into practice, I got in a hurry and made three spelling mistakes on my pin images. I caught two before publishing, but someone else caught the other. I was happy they caught it, but embarrassed at the same time. Slow down, and triple check everything.

2. Get Caught Up in Analytics

After I launched,  I constantly checked my analytics.  With my blog being so new I wasted a lot of mental energy worrying I wasn’t getting the numbers I wanted right off the bat. Instead of worrying about numbers in that first month,  it’s better to spend time joining new Pinterest groups and connecting with other bloggers on Facebook.

3. Stop Writing

I spent so much time on content before I launched m blog that I ten days off from crating anything new. This was a big mistake. Creating helps me be creative. When I wasn’t doing anything new, my mental creativity took a hit too. Make an effort to keep creating content, even if you don’t plan on publishing immediately.

4. Have False Expetations

All the blogs I read had so many quick success stories, but let’s face it, it still takes time and effort for a blog to take off. So if you aren’t getting the traffic you want don’t get discouraged, just change it up a bit. I know for a fact that one day you have hardly any viewers, and the next a post goes viral. Don’t give up, just keep pinning.

5. Pin like a Crazy Person

Ok so embarrassing story, again, I hope to save you from them. I applied to forty Pinterest groups my first week and only got invited to seven.  So eager to start pinning, I overloaded some of the boards. I didn’t realize it until I went in to pin others on those board. Lo and behold, I saw my pins popping up with much more frequency than I thought was good decorum. So I took a two day break and didn’t pin anything. I was really worried that I would be kicked out. I wasn’t kicked out, but that was probably because I caught my mistake early and curtailed my overabundant pinning.

6. Give Up

Make a point to not give up. Don’t give in. If you don’t meet your goal today, meet it tomorrow. You are smart and can overcome. If you pray, I suggest these beginning week pray like there is no tomorrow. I really believe that God will help you and bless you, just don’t stop praying.

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