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Mom Investments That Don’t Cost a Penny

Non-money investments that pay dividends down the road

There are many investment mothers make on a daily basis. An investment might be a great coffee machine to help you get going in the morning. You might invest in a home, or a car, but have you thought about the investments you need to make that don’t actually cost money?

As a Christian wife and mother, my perspective may differ from the norm. I want to invest in things that are real. Not to say that worldly investments are bad, they aren’t of course, but only focusing on those things to bring joy and happiness is where we often make a mistake.

Investment 1: A Mommy Friend

This is an investment because it takes time and energy to find a person who will make a good friend. It’s hard finding a genuine friend these days, but they are out there.  Find a peer, someone who is going through the same things as you.

A good mom friend will not only help you when you need a listening ear, but their kids will likely develop friendships with yours. And if you invest your time and are intentional about your friendship, you will likely have a mom friend for life.

Where do I find these mom friends? Make the search natural. If you meet a mom at the park, maybe friend them on Facebook and try to get a few more park play dates. This will help you get to know them better before inviting them over for coffee. Church mom groups or bible studies are also a great place to start the search.

Characteristics of a good friend

  1. She doesn’t gossip– If she gossips to you about people, then she’ll gossip to others about you.
  2. She has a good marriage– If her marriage is good, then you know that she takes the time to invest in important relationships, rather than calling it quits when things get hard.
  3. Her children respect her authority– This means that you can trust her to be a good person for your own children to be around and trust that her kids won’t negatively influence your kids.
  4. She doesn’t only want to talk about herself– Most people are naturally selfish, but if she can listen without making everything about herself, or competing with you, then she is a treasure.


Investiment 2: A Church to Call Home

Investing in a church can be tricky. I think the biggest obstacle is that people search for a church that will make them feel loved. But that mindset will lead you to many churches that don’t live up to the expectation.

Instead of looking for a church that makes you feel loved, just be love and plug in somewhere.

A good church will be your second family. We often call people from church our church family. With family we don’t always get to choose who is in it. The same can be said for a church family. There may be people who you wouldn’t necessarily hang out with, but you love them anyway. These people are your sisters and brothers in Christ and we are called to love, not to be loved.

Being apart of a church is much like a relationship, if you keep leaving churches, then the problem isn’t the church, it’s probably you. Being a part of a church takes commitment and dedication. And if your treating it like a casual lover, then you will never find the deep church atmosphere you desperately desire.

Characteristics of a good church

  1. Teaches the Bible– Finding a church shouldn’t be about how amazing the pastor is. Look for a church that actually teaches the Bible and believes in what it says. This kind of a church will always teach powerful life changing messages, no matter who the pastor is.
  2. Children’s ministry– Look for a church that will benefit your kids. If a church only had elderly people who attend, it might not be the right fit for your kids. But if there are many young families with kids, then chances are they have a children’s program.
  3. Function- You will know when you go to a church with dysfunction. Look for a church that has order. This means the pastor has the main authority and people aren’t always disagreeing and trying to buck his authority. Unless he is abusing his power or teaching heretical doctrine, then let the man run the ministry the way God is leading him.


Investment 3: Preemptive Prayer

Preemptive prayer is praying about things in your life before you need to. I pray for my marriage. I have a really good marriage, but I still want to pray for it everyday.

Preemptively pray for your children. They will go through hard times, and they need all the prayers they can get, especially in this crazy world we live in. Pray for their future spouses and children.

Preemptive prayer is an investment. We invest the time and energy into praying right now, and have faith that God is going to work in those future situations.

Investing in a mom friend, a good church and preemptive prayer will bring a lot of peace in the future. And hey, isn’t that what investments are all about?

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