About Andrea

I’m sitting here thinking about what to write about myself and it keeps coming off like an obituary. Yikes!

In all seriousness, I’m a mom of five and a wife of 12 years to a great guy. We were married young and have grown up together. We got through our twenties and are well into the thirties.

My kids are a huge driving force in my life. God giving me five eternal souls to raise is a humbling responsibility. All these competing personalities make life interesting and fun.

My great guy is also a pastor, and we’ve been in full time ministry since February of 2014. I love my hectic life, and being a child of the One True King.

I enjoy writing and honing my craft and I also feel God had blessed me with a teacher’s heart and I want to share with other moms and wives, so blogging is a great way to marry those two passions. Also I am monetizing this blog to help with extra expenses and to help out where I can. So if you see links to products in my posts, please know that I have used them and they come highly recommended. And if you do buy something from one of my links, thanks so much, you are a blessing.